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Merry Christmas!...Finally!

2009-12-30 17:20:17 by EM549

Its finally done...whew.

I made a Christmas Flash. Its also my only flash of 2009, hopefully I can do more next year. Been learning 3D animation (for a job mostly), and boy is it good to be back on NG having fun!

Merry Christmas!...Finally!

oh hello there

2009-06-09 19:28:26 by EM549

Hi Newgrounds, Its been awhile. Thought I'd say hi.

I haven't posted anything in a long time and I thought all my fans might get worried (lol). I am currently attending Animation Mentor, an online animation school (and before that a really bad art school which I kind of regret going to). I really recommend Animation Mentor to anybody that wants to make a career out of animating. It teaches you everything about animation and you are taught by seasoned animators currently working at studios like pixar/dreamworks etc.

I wanna make more flash but i'm lazy as fuck... Once i get that taken care of you'll see more stuff by me! (who?)

Anyways... heres a quick little animation I made for fun, hope this entertains you for at least 9 seconds:

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Holy Shit.

2008-05-10 12:34:09 by EM549

I wouldn't be suprised if anyone hasnt posted this video yet on NG, and SORRY if it already has been, but holy shit. This is amazing.

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Its a hands-free level of mario, in which the level plays itself out using boosts and other things to move mario around and stuff.

I wonder how long this took...

Team Fortress 2 Based Flash

2008-02-02 20:40:18 by EM549

I've just submitted a flash movie based off of Team Fortress 2 entitled, The Heavy and Medic: Happy Together, go check it out!!

Team Fortress 2 Based Flash